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Welcome to

The Surgery Center At The Valley

Welcome to The Surgery Center At The Valley, a cutting-edge surgical facility located on Rodney Parham Road in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Welcome to The Surgery Center at the Valley, an extension of McFarland Eye Care and a pinnacle of ophthalmological surgical care in the state of Arkansas. Distinguished by its exceptional capacity, our surgery center leads the way in accommodating a significant number of patients efficiently and comfortably, minimizing wait times and maximizing outcomes. At the core of our success is our seasoned surgical support team, whose depth of knowledge and dedication to excellence are unrivaled. Our guiding philosophy is simple: every decision we make is rooted in doing what’s best for our patients. At The Surgery Center at the Valley, we don't just conduct surgeries; we change lives.

Why Choose US

1. Patients and Caregivers

We provide a unique experience for patients and caregivers. We are oversized for our patients and our Team. This means comfort and the ability to move with ease. The Surgery Center at the Valley doesn’t feel like a hospital.

2. Experienced Team

We have an experienced surgical Team that keeps our surgeons moving and provides a great patient experience. After all, buildings don’t care for people, people care for people. We are most proud of our Team and the high level of care they put into every patient interaction.

3. Technology

We invest in proven technology for better results. We do not skimp on materials. We buy quality lenses and materials because they produce better outcomes for patients. We research and watch technology and we implement the advances that truly mean better outcomes and care for our patients. Including the LenSx laser for laser cataract surgery and the Callisto Eye System for further accuracy during cataract surgery.

What to Expect



Located at 10700 North Rodney Parham Road in Little Rock, our advanced surgery center features 4 ORs, 2 procedure rooms, expansive pre-/post-op areas, and a comfortable, spacious waiting area ensuring an unmatched experience for patients, caregivers, and surgical teams.


Our Surgical Team embodies the pinnacle of care, uniting compassion with unmatched expertise. Their dedication to patients and support for surgeons reflect their leadership in healthcare, demonstrating a commitment that transcends mere procedures to touch lives profoundly.


Our unwavering dedication to ophthalmological care allows us to excel in eye surgery. Our focused approach ensures we stand as true specialists in eye health, enhancing vision with precision and care.


We invest in the best technology with proven results. We are one of the few surgery centers in Arkansas offering the LenSx laser for laser cataract surgery and the Callisto Eye System for more accurate results and better outcomes for our patients.


Our surgery center is an extension of McFarland Eye Care, allowing us to provide an integrated experience for our patients. And because of the nature and capacity of our surgery center, we’re also able to partner with other ophthalmologists in the area to extend surgical care to more patients.


“Had replacement lens surgery with Dr Newbolt. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Experience has been great from start to finish and am amazed with the results! Staff is also great, very professional, and well organized. Facility extremely nice and clean! Couldn’t have been a better experience!”
- Pam Dopson
“I loved my experience! They made me feel very comfortable. This was my first time, so I didn't know what to expect. When I had the second surgery, it was a breeze. Thank you, Dr. Newbolt, and the staff at the Surgery Center.”
- Joann Smith
“The staff is kind, confident and caring. Dr. Hoffman is extremely skilled, thorough, and truthful. Thank you all for your beautiful spirit and attention. I can see the world again!!”
- Sherri Fretz
“Both of my visits were great. All the staff were friendly, kind and courteous. Kindness goes a long way in my opinion, and everyone here exemplified kindness. I am most impressed. I have shared my experience with my friends, family and colleagues.”
- Cherese Jones
“If you have to have your eyes fixed, this is a great place to do it. Very nice facility with pleasant staff. Dr. Casciano of Arkansas Ophthalmology Associates did my surgery. He’s great, too.”
- Robert McClanahan
“Absolute best possible experience and outcome! Dr. Hoffmann is the best! The entire staff was great and the facility is top notch!”
- Sheri Baugh
“Dr. Gauldin and all the staff I’ve dealt with at the Surgery and in the eye clinic are excellent. Everyone is very professional, kind, and considerate!”
- Alisa Whitmore
“This must be a great place to work. Everybody is happy and friendly and very competent.”
- Joe Patterson
“The nurses and Dr. were very nice and comforting with swift timing. It was over before I knew it!”
- Charly Bewley
“The Surgery Center at the Valley is great!  The employees are super friendly and take good care of you!”
- Carol St.John
“Very friendly and informative answers all your questions to the point you really don’t have to ask.  Everything runs smoothly and any delays you are informed but I have never had to wait long enough to wonder.”
- Marilyn Hunter